Vintage White

Soft and comfortable prints are a growing trend in the t-shirt market. We’ve increasingly been selling shirts with a vintage white instead of an opaque, thick white. A local band, Mosey West, just made some heathered shirts with a distressed vintage design. This was the perfect opportunity to show off our techniques to make the … Continued

Expanding & Rebranding

As we quickly approach our busy season, we are taking the time to rebrand our company and expand our square footage. For the past few years, we’ve occupied the north and south side of our warehouse. The company in the middle moved across the parking lot, so we decided it’s time to take on more … Continued

Save the Poudre has one mission, to protect and restore the Cache la Poudre River. If you live in Northern Colorado, you’ve seen the iconic image of the nude people standing in the river with cardboard signs that read “SAVE the POUDRE.” For six years we’ve been printing a simplified, one color version of the photograph on … Continued

Fat Tire Retire

We threw a retirement party to commemorate the final print run of the original Fat Tire label t-shirt. Go West has been printing the watercolor label for over a decade, so we felt like we had to give it a proper send off. New Belgium Brewing unveiled their new packaging and beer labels last month. … Continued

Keep Strange Brewing Strange

By now, I’m sure you have heard about the latest debacle in the trademark infringement world. Long story short, Strange Brewing Company (in Denver, Colorado) has received a request to change their name so consumers don’t get confused between them and a homebrew shop in Massachusetts (Strange Brew Beer & Wine Making Supplies). This whole thing seems strange because … Continued

Go West Concert Series

This past Friday, we had a local band play the shop for a laid back afternoon concert. With a keg on tap, and Finnders and Youngberg filling our ears with Americana music, it was great way to end the week. There was a birthday in the band that night, Mike Finders, so we had to … Continued

Finnders & Youngberg Custom Lettering

Go West recently had the chance to work on a custom lettering project for the local band Finnders & Youngberg. They wanted an old fashioned style, so we immediately looked to vintage lettering from old LP sleeves. After much sketching and refining we were able to create a custom word mark for them. They were … Continued

CMYK Process Printing

Ever wonder how a CMYK process print translates to screen printing? We do it on a limited basis because there’s a lot of prepress work required, and you can only print on light shirts. Screen printing typically is a spot color process, meaning each color in the design is printed in a separate screen. The … Continued

Metallic Silver Ink

We printed a job today that used a specialty silver ink. There are two types of silver available: metallic silver and silver shimmer. The metallic silver has more of a metal/chrome look while the silver shimmer has a sparkle/glittery look to it. Since the shirt design was beer related, our customer decided to go with … Continued

Jam Cruise

Jam Cruise is a musical adventure of a lifetime. I had the privilege of taking part in the magic this past January. It’s an environmentally friendly cruise with onboard recycling, tree planting for Haiti, solar powered stage, and compostable drink cups (just to name a few). Go West had a small part in greening the … Continued