Warehousing and Backstocking

A common problem that we encounter is a customer running out of stock in their best selling designs during the peak seasons. If this is due to a lack of in-house storage or due to monthly budgeting constraints our Backstock program could be a perfect solution.

Here’s how it works-

You go through 72 shirts every 4 weeks. Rather than placing an order when the shelves start looking low we will print 144 pieces and send you half when the order is finished. When your stock starts to get low we will send the second half and get another order of 144 in production. You do not pay for the shirts until you take them so there is no up front cost to you.

We do ask that you take any inventory that sits longer than 6 months, so this program is most ideal for top selling designs with a high turnover. We recommend not backstocking seasonal designs and limited edition items.


As long as we have your backstocked items in our warehouse, we’re more than happy to send that inventory directly to your accounts and we can also fulfill individual website orders. Contact us for more info and to set up a program specific to your needs.

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