Crazy Mountain Brewery

  Before you start reading this post open this link in another tab and listen while you read. We’re getting all multimedia on you now! Crazy Mountain Brewery is a fantastic brewery in Edwards, Colorado.  Rob and Max went to visit them a few weeks ago, and they have nothing but great things to say … Continued


Looking for something cool to do next weekend?  Want to head to one of the most awesome secrets in Wyoming and see a FREE music festival?  Look no further than Whatfest.  This year’s line up is a who’s who of Wyoming and Colorado bands.  Some of our favorites include Patti Fiasco, Musketeer Gripweed, Mama Lenny … Continued

New Belgium Brewing’s Accumulation

Yeah, yeah we know it is July, but we are in Colorado and deep down we are winter people.  Right now the shop is working on the new Winter Seasonal, Accumulation, from New Belgium Brewing. Every couple years New Belgium changes up their seasonal beers.  Changing up the recipes keeps things interesting for the brewers … Continued