By now, I’m sure you have heard about the latest debacle in the trademark infringement world. Long story short, Strange Brewing Company (in Denver, Colorado) has received a request to change their name so consumers don’t get confused between them and a homebrew shop in Massachusetts (Strange Brew Beer & Wine Making Supplies). This whole thing seems strange because the homebrew shop hasn’t even sold a commercial batch of beer since they have opened, and Strange Brewing Company has been brewing fantastic beers since 2010. No confusion there.

The local craft beer community in Colorado has graciously come together to help Strange Brewing Company raise money for their Legal Defense Fund. About 30 breweries have donated beer to be poured at a special event this Sunday, and you can help! Tickets are still available, but going fast. If you are unable to make it to the beer festival, you can donate money to the cause here. The event is being held at the Rackhouse Pub on Sunday, January 27th from 3-6pm.  For more info, follow this link:

Here at Go West, we care just as much about the brewing community as our local brewers. As soon as we heard about the event we thought, let’s donate what we do best… t-shirts! We put together a design and printed some chocolate brown t-shirts for the cause. They will be available for purchase as the festival, so be sure to pick one up as a momento to the fact you help keep Strange Brewing strange!





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