Our commitment to the environment starts with renewable energy by being a wind powered screen print shop. We pull all excess fabric from our waste stream and re-use it as test fabric to set up and register our presses. Once all available space on the fabric is used, we cut the fabric into rags to clean our screens and equipment. All internal paper products are made of 100% recycled material.

In 2015, we remodeled our washroom bays and included a custom filter to further remove excess solids from entering our wastewater. We also encourage our employees to ride their bike to work to reduce their carbon footprint, recycle everything we can, and use post-press soy and citrus based cleaners.

Go West is on the forefront of the recycled poly/cotton garment industry and we are one of the largest buyers of American made and organic cotton garments. Contact us today to find out what eco-friendly shirt best suits your project and budget.