Jam Cruise is a musical adventure of a lifetime. I had the privilege of taking part in the magic this past January. It’s an environmentally friendly cruise with onboard recycling, tree planting for Haiti, solar powered stage, and compostable drink cups (just to name a few). Go West had a small part in greening the cruise. We printed eco-friendly shirts for Zero Hero, the company that provides the tent recycling stations. Here’s a picture of me wearing my Anvil Organic Cotton T-Shirt while volunteering for the greening team.

Trees, Water & People, another one of our customers, was on the ship. They hosted a tree planting event at the port in Labadee, Haiti. The cruisers had an opportunity to help plant 10,000 native seedlings to be grown in a nursery until ready to plant outside. TWP ended up having so much help, they ran out of trees to plant. Here’s a picture of the setup.

Another local company we print shirts for, Panda Bicycles, was taking part in the greening of Jam Cruise. They were running a contest to give away one of their eco-friendly bikes, crafted primarily out of bamboo. There was a camera setup onboard for cruisers to record a short video on how they would make a sustainable difference in their community when returning home. Below is a picture of the last night where one lucky person won the bike. Notice the panda shirt that Go West printed!

Not only did I see Go West’s work left and right on the cruise ship, I stumbled upon a custom music poster we designed and printed here at the shop. A charity auction was being held to benefit the Positive Legacy organization. I was browsing through all the items, and happened upon it by chance. There it was, the Rancho Del Gumbo festival poster signed by Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe.

I had a great trip and would do it all again in a heartbeat.

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