We threw a retirement party to commemorate the final print run of the original Fat Tire label t-shirt. Go West has been printing the watercolor label for over a decade, so we felt like we had to give it a proper send off. New Belgium Brewing unveiled their new packaging and beer labels last month. If you haven’t seen the new line up, check it out here. We are stoked about the new labels and helping them translate their new artwork to t-shirts.

The evening started out with a gathering around the press of Go West-ers, New Belgium-ers, and friends of the shop. When the last shirt was ready to be loaded on the press, Kim Jordan, the co-founder and CEO of NBB, stepped in. She had the honor of placing the shirt on the press and pushing the button to send the last print into production. Kim gave a lovely toast thanking us for our years of dedication and collaboration with her company.

After the last run was printed, we added in another screen with “RE” and “ED” placed around the TIRE to read “RETIRED.” Everyone that attended the party took home a souvenir shirt and had the chance to DIY print on the back of the shirt. Todd, the owner of Go West, helped each person manually print the back with a design that commemorated the night.

The party went into the evening with some Colorado bluegrass from Blue Grama. It was great time getting to hang out with our friends from New Belgium and meeting new employees. Huge thanks goes out to the Carnies for handcrafting us a wall mounted deer head made out of a bike seat and handle bars. If you haven’t seen it in our office yet, come on by and see their talent!

Check out the pics below of the Retirement Party and cheers to the rebranding of New Belgium Brewery!








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