Culture is Everything

As a company, we embody the fun and eclectic side of life. We have velvet paintings decorating our walls, homebrew on tap at our breakroom bar, and always some kind of crazy music blasting in the shop. Our passion lies in great t-shirts and craft beer, which are both at the center of our daily endeavors. Even though we like to have fun at our jobs we take quality control very seriously. You won’t find another shop that will eagle eye pinholes and registration like we do. We take great pride in working hard and having fun while we do it!


Our Unique & Talented Team

We work hard and we play hard. Our employees make all the difference in what we do and how we do it so well. Everyone has a unique personality and brings their own style of fun to the shop. Check out our bios on the team page to learn a little more about us.




Quality Print Production

Our printing quality is second to none. We won’t start a job until we are 100% satisfied with how the design looks, and we pride ourselves on our color matching, placement, and registration. Our shop is impeccably clean and we work as team to make sure every garment is up to our quality standards.



Sustainable Practices

We specialize in organic, sustainable, and American made apparel and can lend you guidance in the direction of eco-friendly garments. As a company, we believe in reducing our impact on the environment while maintaining a high-production facility.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about us or our ordering process? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions by clicking on the button below.