We Make Ordering Easy

Check out our process below that makes ordering your garments a breeze. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff will guide you through every aspect of the printing process from idea creation to fulfillment.


Step 1: Come up with an awesome idea to put on a garment.

Step 2: Call or email us with your concept and we can discuss the ideal decoration method and apparel options.

Step 3: Submit your artwork or have us create it for you.

Step 4: Choose the ideal garment style, color, and size breakdowns for your project.

Step 5: Check your email to approve or revise the artwork mockup.

Step 6: Once art is approved, garments are sent into production and the magic happens.

Step 7: When the shirts are finished, they can be picked up, shipped, delivered, or keep them at our warehouse for fulfillment.

Want to place an order? Contact us today!