Customers often call and want to know what shirts we like to wear or recommend.   To be completely honest, it changes from year to year.  Shirt manufacturers tinker with their cuts and fits all the time.  They are constantly introducing new cuts with new fabrics and new colors and discontinuing under performing  styles and colors.   Things change fast and often in the apparel industry,  so something that we like this year may not be around in a couple of years.

When folks call and ask me what my favorite shirts are I usually judge it on what is filling up my closet.  Here are five that seem to have taken over-

American Apparel #BB401-50/50 blends are in right now, and I feel like the American Apparel BB401 is one of the best out there.  It has a great cut,is super soft, comes in a good number of colors, and has a very fair price point.  The best fact though, is that it is made in Downtown Los Angeles.  American Apparel is the largest American mill and is by far our favorite t-shirt manufacturer.

Canvas #3001-The Canvas #3001 is a great combed and ring spun shirt option. Bella+Canvas has totally stepped their game up in the past few years.  I recommend this shirt if you want to go with more of a retail shirt feel.  The 3001 is more expensive than a lot of shirts but it is still a fantastic value for a quality shirt.

Next Level #6210– Next Level has made a huge splash in the Apparel Industry, so much so that they are becoming more difficult to get.  We love that they are super soft, with a more generous but not baggy cut, come in a bunch of cool colors, and have a great price point.  Next Level is a great option if you want something a little different but want to keep a middle of the pack price point.

Hanes #4980-Hanes has always made a solid shirt, but the nano-t is quickly moving to the top of the list.  For the price it is definitely hard to beat.  The cut is a little bigger, and it is combed and ring spun so it is comfortable to wear.  For a 100% Cotton shirt, the 4980 is lightweight, but still durable. I recommend this shirt if you want a more comfortable shirt and like a little bigger cut. I find myself recommending this shirt more than any other lately.

Gildan #64000-The best deal on a fashion forward shirt on the market. While it is not a rung spun shirt, the Gildan #64000 is a light weight cotton that almost feels like it is ring spun.  Over 30 colors and a low price point make this shirt hard not to like.  This shirt is perfect if you want something a little more fashion forward, but want to keep your overhead as low as possible.

These are just a few of the shirt vendors that we work with, and our favorites are always changing.  Stop by sometime if you want to check out these or any of the garments we carry.






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