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Crazy Mountain Brewery is a fantastic brewery in Edwards, Colorado.  Rob and Max went to visit them a few weeks ago, and they have nothing but great things to say about their top notch Tap Room (complete with old two passenger chair lift chair) and patio.  If you are ever in the Vail Valley, CMB is not to be missed.  The guys were really impressed with the seasonal Scenic Route Kolsch and the Hookiebobb Indian Pale Ale.  Here is a picture of Max with a bomber of Hookiebobb in the Tap Room.

In time for National IPA Day, here are some pictures of the shirts we printed for Hookiebobb IPA.


Colorado pride is huge here right now and we think CMB’s usage of the Colorado flag is really cool.  Here are some pictures of their Get Crazy Colorado shirts.


Keep an eye out for their beer around Colorado and make sure you visit them them next time you are in the mountains!

P.S:  That is two John Denver video links in the past month….Ahhhh Yeeeaaahh…Thanks for reading!

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  1. Where can I get one of those Get Crazy t-shirts? I don’t live near Edwards…but love the beer and want that shirt!

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