Last week, we had the special opportunity to visit Left Hand Brewing in Longmont, Colorado. We got to jump on the full facility tour and learn about their history and employee owned business model. Left Hand makes some of our favorite beers, and we are so happy to print gear for them. They have some great designs with fashion forward garments. When it comes to brewery merchandise, Left Hand definitely sets the bar high.

Go West is also a proud sponsor of Left Hand’s High Five Events. The final one of the year, Nitro Fest, was last weekend. It is the only nitro festival in the country and a special treat for us because a lot of our customers were pouring at the event. A few of our employees attended the mystical, steam punk fest, and costumes were encouraged! It’s definitely one of the most unique and fun beer fests, and we highly suggest checking it out next year. Check out the pictures below of the brewery tour and Nitro Fest: