A thin version of plastisol used to create a soft vintage look. We thin down the standard inks to produce a soft print at a better price point than water based and discharge printing. Vintage ink is also a good option because you are not limited by the garment type.

The thin ink allows the color of the shirt to show through which makes the design look retro and vintage. Since no white underbase is used, a full color print comes out a lot softer than standard plastisol inks. We can print PMS colors using this method, but the shirt color will skew the final color, so it will not be an exact match.

Vintage white is our most popular soft plastisol ink. There’s two types available, as shown below in the far right example. The top one is a one hit white which shows some of the shirt color through, but it is not as thick as a double white which would be bright and opaque. The bottom one is a very soft white which takes on more of the garment color and is even softer. Depending on the application, we can help you pick out what would work best with your design.