Let me tell you something about people who live in Fort Collins, Colorado.  We love to get dressed up, ride bikes, and drink beer. Tour de Fat is just around the corner and we are making sure that this year’s shirts are ready for New Belgium Brewing. If you have never been to Tour de Fat,in Fort Collins, do yourself a favor and get here this year. It is a huge local holiday that is not to be missed. The whole city dresses up and rides bikes in a huge parade and then we do what we do best…..drink beer!  Here are some pictures of this year’s shirt.

At each stop on the Tour de Fat, one lucky person trades their car for a bike. Not just any bike, a New Belgium, fully loaded, handcrafted, Fort Collins built commuter bike.  Would you trade your car for a bike and become an inspiration to hundreds of people in the congregation?  Think you could make the commitment to ride a bike everywhere you go?  If the answer is yes, make New Belgium a video and maybe you will be the one on stage showing the rest of us infidels how it is done.

Here is a picture from last year’s Tour de Fat. Our theme was Oktoberfest, hence the lederhosen.  Hope you can make it this year!

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