This coming weekend in Fort Collins the 14th annual Sustainable Living Fair is going on.  We have been sponsoring the Sustainable Living Fair for almost 10 years and we think it is an awesome event that has a little something for everyone.

Here is what the founders of the fair have to say about their organization-

For the last decade the Sustainable Living Association has been at the forefront of the sustainable living and lifestyle movement in our region. As a community working collectively, our impact continues to grow through outreach and education. Living a sustainable lifestyle ensures that social, environmental and economic systems are viable and offer a healthy and meaningful life for our citizens and future generations. This means green jobs, energy independence, clean air and water and safe communities.  That is the foundation on which SLA has built its mission .

The Sustainable Living Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to applying vision and expertise toward a sustainable future for all. We are a solution-driven organization with the distinguishing quality to move people toward powerful and profound choices in an effort to stave off complacency about issues affecting our world.

Our educational programs, community events and workshops offer creative challenges, delivering valuable, long-term benefits for a wide range of community interests that improve the relationship between people and the environment. These programs forge connections between ideas, principles and resources and harness communication to better understand and express essential relationships that combine a local sense of place with global respect for sustainability.

Interested in learning about back yard chickens, solar panels, sustainable building methods, composting, or windmills?  Get yourself to the fair and get your learning on!

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