We are excited to be working with another up and coming brewery. This time they are in Florida.  Seventh Sun Brewing, in Dunedin, Florida, is now open and pouring beer at their tap room.  Devon and the krewe are throwing a spring party, and they wanted some special shirts to mark the occasion.

Here are some shirts that we made for the Super Fly beer with small flake ink.  Small flake is the metallic ink Hilary wrote about in an earlier post.

Here is another design that we used glow in the dark ink on.  The off white “Super Fly” glows in the dark.  The glow ink has to be charged, but it has a cool look in the dark. The ink shines even brighter under a black light.

Sorry we don’t have the camera to show you the shirt in the dark.  You will just have to take our word for it…or you could head to Seventh Sun this Friday to  get one for yourself.

Want to learn more about this small, family run brewery in Florida?  Check here for a great story about the brewery, and an interview with our friends Justin and Devon.


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