Next week is Fort Collins Beer Week put together by our friends over at Fortified.  This year the events are in conjunction with American Craft Beer Week. We just happen to be super involved this time around, as we are hosting and refereeing the Brewers Olympics here at our shop on Wednesday the 14th.

But that is not all! It is time once again for Max’s favorite event of the year.  Drum roll please….. It is time to play Brewery Bingo!

Here is how it works.  Get a Bingo card from the official Fort Collins Beer Week guide. Drink beer at the participating breweries. Collect stamps. Make a Bingo and get one of these bitchin’ shirts for free.

You can’t buy the shirts anywhere, but you can put in the effort and earn one. There are some new breweries to check out this year including 1933 Brewing, Freedom’s Edge, Broken Plow, and the good folks over at Horse and Dragon Brewing.

What are you waiting for? Get out there with your dabbers and get your Bingo on!  Have fun, be safe, and we hope that we will see you here Wednesday for the Brewers Olympics.

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